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January 24, 2006

Indie News Beat 1/10/06

January 10, 2006 Edition

* Kids In The Way Selected As Fuse And MySpace.com's Next Big Video Music Star
* Gr8pop Announces Indiana Gregg's UK Acoustic Tour
* Streetfighterz Release C And I 5 Trailor
* Urban/pop Artist Teej On National Tour With FYE
* Jennifer Richman Dedicates Herself To Helping The Disabled Through Music
* Audio Graphics Radio Listener Surveys Reach 50,000
* Livewire Recordings To Release 'Sleepless In Seattle: The Birth Of Grunge'
* Agency's Enticing Revolution Inciting AERIA To Release National Debut!
* Dawn Of Correction Rises To Mass Appeal
* UNSIGNED Announces The Winners In Its' First Independent Artists Awards
* Upset Records To Tour Midwest: Featuring Artists From CO, KS, MO

Kids In The Way Selected As Fuse And MySpace.com's Next Big Video Music Star

fuse, the nation's only music-centric, viewer-influenced television network and MySpace.com, the leading social networking and lifestyle portal, announced the winner of the fuse On Demand / MySpace contest. Beginning today, Kids In The Way will receive extensive airplay and promotion on fuse On Demand, fuse's popular VOD service, have their own page on fuse's website and are featured on MySpace - making them the next big video star.

Thousands of young musicians had the opportunity to go on to www.myspace.com/fuse and upload 1 - 3 minute videos for consideration to a dedicated fuse group page on MySpace. Judges from fuse selected four finalist's videos, posted them on the contest site for fans to vote on, and the MySpace community chose the winner.

The four finalists were Kids In the Way from Indianapolis, Indiana, Peppermint Creeps from Los Angeles, California, Modern Girlfriends from Phoenix, Arizona, and The Cardinal Sin from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Straight from Indianapolis, Indiana, Kids in the Way represent a new generation of artists whose desire is to re-establish the integrity of rock. The band has made strides towards this goal by releasing their sophomore album on Flicker Records, "Apparitions of Melody."

"Kids In the Way are a perfect example of why this promotion was created," commented Joe Glennon, fuse's Senior Vice President of Distribution. "In addition to being the must stop for musicians and celebrities, fuse is known for discovering emerging bands and providing a platform for them to play their music. This promotion empowered musicians to submit their videos and fans to participate and vote on who they wanted to see as the next big music star - we're really excited about having Kids In The Way premiere their video on fuse On Demand and look forward to extending this opportunity to other bands who are looking to take the next step - to gain vital exposure on the most edge-pushing and music-centric brand in music television - fuse."


Gr8pop Announces Indiana Gregg's UK Acoustic Tour

Scottish label Gr8pop ltd. announces Indiana Gregg's UK Acoustic Tour which begins Thursday 29th December 2005 in Edinburgh followed by three gigs in Glasgow on the 30th to kick off the January tour of the rest of the country.

The rising pop star is giving her fans a post-Christmas treat by playing free gigs in the UK. Gr8pop representative Graham Marr announced 11 dates which will take place all over the UK beginning in Scotland, then Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and York. "The tour has been scheduled in several UK coffee houses including a number of Starbucks venus in cities throughout the country," says Marr.

Gr8pop signed a 1million pound deal for Gregg's debut in August 2005 for the world-wide license of "Something like me" which will be distributed by RTD/Universal in February 2006.

Gregg's first single is scheduled for release February 13th followed by the album release of 'Something like me'. Gr8pop has already recorded three promo videos for singles 'Love is Blind', 'Sweet Things' and 'Oh Me Oh My'.


Streetfighterz Release C And I 5 Trailor

On January 4th, 2006, Streetfighterz Entertainment released "American Beauty" on their C and I 5 DVD Trailor.

Two years in the making, wrecking streets since 1999, they haven't stopped and they never will.

Streetfighterz Entertainment released the C and I 5 DVD trailor featuring pre-production track "American Beauty" by St. Louis based alternative rock band Field Of Grey.

"The video does not represent a 1/3 of what's in the film; it gives you a brief overview" says Streetfighterz Entertainment. We have been traveling from Toronto, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana. Streetfighterz has taken it to the streets harder than ever before.

With all the street madness you can handle, along with some off the road action, you get a look into the life at Party Cove on the Lake of the Ozarks. From Jay E's (Nelly Producer) 1.4 million dollar yacht, along with an in depth look of his crib and luxuries.

Streetfighterz Entertainment takes you along with them to Holly Springs and Jackson Mississippi for a taste of the dirty south. You will see what the most dangerous areas in the city of St. Louis and East St. Louis has to offer as the Streetfighterz rip through unsuspecting ghettos and give a show of a lifetime.

The DVD is a 2-disc set with tons of bonus footage along with an in depth interview, with the Streetfighterz to set the record straight. Find out who they are, where they come from and where they are heading.

"Streetfighterz Entertainment made an excellent choice in choosing "American Beauty" for their C and I 5 DVD trailor." Says Field Of Grey management company Namaste' International. With forthcoming press soon to be released, we are gearing up for an explosive year with Field Of Grey.


Urban/pop Artist Teej On National Tour With FYE

Upstate NY hip-hop/urban pop artist Teej will do a national tour with the conglomerate Transworld Entertainment's FYE (for your entertainment) chains this year. Teej was a former member of the group, "The Kast." He later broke away from the boy band image that has dissipated and has released his first solo release entitled "Schenectady." He has already sold 2000 copies in the month of December 2005 alone. His fan base has been growing exponentially since the release of his single.

Teej was signed to the Afrazmusic Corp, a publicity and artist development company, in early 2005. They have prepared to tour the country at the top of 2006. His songs AE Girl and his single Schenectady have made quite a buzz within the industry and the street to date. He has been in several negotiations with Sony BMG's Evergirl tour as well as talks of piggyback marketing his song with the worldwide clothing company AE. His EP has the sound of a fresh new acoustic/rap, which has been likened to that of a Caucasian Wyclef. The CD covers more than the hip-hop lovers' interest. His remake of Bob Marley's Wait in vain adds a nice touch of roundness that caters to his popular audience's tastes. Teej has recently procured a comprehensive digital downloads package with services such as Itunes, Sony Connect all the way to Starbucks and digital jukeboxes available world-wide.


Jennifer Richman Dedicates Herself To Helping The Disabled Through Music - Debut CD Release And Lecture This Month

Jennifer Richman, a Brooklyn, NY native debuts her record, "Flowers of Gold" this January. "Flowers of Gold" is commanding international attention via Internet sites such as http://www.myspace.com/jenniferrichman and radio programs such as HAIR NATION Station 23, SIRRUS SATELITE RADIO Rock'n Roll Psycho Awards, hosted by Psycho Steve.

Jennifer's music is widely appreciated for its inspirational lyrics that are personally resonating with fans. "On this, her debut, Jennifer has her feet firmly planted in her own unique style and shows diversityŠHer soft, soothing voice leads each track accompanied by remarkable songwriting and a gift for drawing you in with each word spoken. "An amazing collection of pop rock songs for the masses" - Independents Only. Don't miss this opportunity to experience her live performance of Flowers of Gold with an all-star band at the CD Release Party at The Cutting Room, NYC on Tuesday, January 24th 9PM.

What makes Jennifer unique as an artist and as an individual is the amount of time and passion she has dedicated to helping the disabled through music. As an occupational therapist, she continues to treat and help hundreds of individuals achieve an improved way of life through music performance and music education. She is Music Director at two treatment clinics in NYC and helps rehabilitate teenage children with moderate to severe autism in a public school in Brooklyn. Jennifer Richman is scheduled to give a lecture about the benefits of music in rehabilitation at the Occupational Therapy Department of Columbia University on January 30th, 2006.


Audio Graphics Radio Listener Surveys Reach 50,000

The online radio audience is coming into focus through RRadio Network surveys. With completion of this 34th survey, more than 50,000 persons have participated.

RRadio Network Survey 34 shows that the internet is replacing the more traditional method of looking up phone numbers. When asked if they use the phone book, or look up phone numbers online, nearly 60% of 1854 online radio listeners replied that they "look up phone numbers online." There is little variation in response between gender or age groups.

Time Spent, Each Listening Session

Comparing two RRadio Network surveys (from July 5, 2003 and this Survey 34), there is an 8.4% drop in persons listening to online radio for 3+ hours each session. Also, 7% fewer persons listen between 1-3 hours each time they tune in.

38.9% of Survey 34 respondents say they listen to online radio for more than 3 hours each listening session.

38.9% - 3 hour +
19.3% - Listen 2-3 hours Each Listening Session
26.7% - 1-2 hours
14% - Less than 1 hour

Audience Predictions, and Their Accuracy

In March 2005, RRadio Network asked what respondents anticipated listening to most in the next twelve months. That survey included a list of six choices: Internet radio, broadcast radio, portable MP3 player, satellite radio, cable music-only channels, and "other."

Of interest are the numbers dealing with listening to broadcast and satellite radio. In March 2005, 7.9% of Survey 29 respondents thought they would be listening mostly to satellite radio in one year. Only 3.2% reported that is the case today.

Back then, only 15.6% thought broadcast radio would be "most listened to" after one year. Yet, Survey 34 shows 25.1% of respondents are still listening mostly to broadcast radio.


Livewire Recordings To Release 'Sleepless In Seattle: The Birth Of Grunge' - Rare 20-Track Compilation In Stores February 7th

Livewire Recordings announced today the February 7, 2006 release of "Sleepless in Seattle: The Birth of Grunge," a compilation of 20 rare tracks from some of the most influential bands to come out of the Seattle scene.

Chronicling the beginnings of Seattle's underground rock movement from the mid 80s to early 90s, the album features seminal recordings from the pioneers of the grunge-era movement, including Green River, The Melvins, Malfunkshun, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Babes in Toyland, Tad, Skin Yard, The Gits, 7 Year Bitch and the Supersuckers, among many others. Widely considered the first grunge band, Green River (featuring Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, and Mudhoney's Mark Arm) released their debut album "Come on Down" in 1985, giving birth to a new movement in music that would continue for over a decade.

Executive produced by Colin Cobb, founder and president of Livewire Recordings and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Ted Myers (Nuggets, Troubadours of British Folk) as well as Clark Humphrey ("The Real Seattle Music Story"), famed journalist and Seattle music historian. "Sleepless in Seattle: The Birth of Grunge" will also feature a 16-page booklet of liner notes penned by Humphrey, detailing the history of the Seattle music scene from the mid 80s to early 90s.

"These bands are the unsung heroes," said Cobb. "Although they didn't become multi-platinum megastars, they went on to influence and form some of the biggest, chart topping groups in music history. As we approach the 20th anniversary of the birth of grunge music, we are thrilled to bring this significant historical compilation, which includes many bands whose music has not been made available for years, to fans everywhere. This project was a labor of love."


Agency's Enticing Revolution Inciting AERIA To Release National Debut!

AERIA Records announces the upcoming self titled debut of AERIA Recording Artists Agency on March 7, 2005

Formed from the ashes of other leading area acts such as Brian Saint and the Sinners, Virginia, Shiva Copal, Broken Atlantic, and Lifesite, the artists formerly known as Republic are comprised of Brain Saint on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Michael Scotto on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mike Thompson on bass, and Joseph Savio on drums.

The band was recently nominated for five Asbury Park Music Awards including: Top Rock Band, Top Pop Band, Top Male Vocalist, Top Bassist, and Top Guitarist.

"AERIA is extremely excited about this band. They deliver a transcendental, almost evangelical live experience and their debut recording conveys the magnitude of their songs and sound quite well. We believe Agency is going to take the music world by storm", says Colie Brice, President of AERIA Records.

Recorded at Retromedia Studios in Red Bank, New Jersey and The Hunt in Millstone, New Jersey, the album is co produced by Agency, Mark Prescott, and Eric Bennet and being mastered by 3 time GRAMMY winner Tom Ruff.


Dawn Of Correction Rises To Mass Appeal

Heavy metal rockers Dawn Of Correction, whose music has been described as "In your face, loud aggressive rock and roll with a foundation of old metal roots, such as Black Sabbath, Slayer and Pantera," is turning the rock world on its ear with the release of their new 5-track CD Swingin' The Chain. The band recently signed a management deal with Praying Mantis Entertainment, headed by music industry veterans Steven Cermanski and Chris Natalini. D.O.C.'s Swingin' The Chain has been receiving rave reviews and heavy airplay worldwide?

"Absolutely excellent!!!" - Autopsy Report Heavy Metal Radio

"It has a refreshing musical sense to it?a hybrid mix of different metal influences. The CD is killer!!!" - Audio Aggression Radio

"Heavy metal with an old school groove! D.O.C. has managed to unleash just that with this EP!" - Dark Cloud Radio

"This CD is badass!!!" - Tommy Conwell, 94-WYSP, Philadelphia

Dawn Of Correction consists of Jeremy Tillotson (vocals), Mike Radliff (guitars), Rich Tornetta (drums) and Ech (bass). "The band was formed because the four of us live and breathe music," singer Jeremy Tillotson adamantly decrees, "not to set any trends?strictly for the love of music!"


UNSIGNED Announces The Winners In Its' First Independent Artists Awards

UNSIGNED Music Magazine announced the winners in its' first annual Independent Artists Awards. The nominations were issued in November and during the month of December the public voted for the nominees in each category.

After over 1700 votes from around the world the winning nominees in each category are as follows.

Male artist of the Year ­ Lanky (www.lankymusic.com)
Female artist of the Year ­ Rebekah Jordan (www.rebekahjordanmusic.com)
Video of the Year ­ Under My Skin by ellee ven (www.elleeven.com)
Song of the Year ­ Gone by Ryan Waters (www.ryanwatersmusic.com)
Album of the Year ­ Public Symphony by Public Symphony (www.publicsymphony.com)
Group of the Year ­ Public Symphony (www.publicsymphony.com)

"We were very pleased with the number of votes received", said Ken Hamlett, publisher of UNSIGNED "but more importantly the awards proved that all of the artists nominated have very strong fan bases and loyal followings".

Each winner will receive an award to place on his/her website, plus recognition in the January issue of UNSIGNED.


Upset Records To Tour Midwest: Featuring Artists From CO, KS, MO

Upset Records ­ the hottest hip-hop/rap label to come out the Midwest ­ has begun setting dates for their 2006 Upset Records Midwest Tour. The tour kick-off date is set for 2/4/06 and will be held at The Granada Theater in Lawrence KS. The Granada Theater is located in between 10th and 11th on Massachusetts in Lawrence, KS 66044. This theater, originally opened in 1977, has been home to some very influential acts and the family of Upset recording artists are no exception. Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm. This is an 18+ show and tickets are $15 at the door on the night of the show.

Being featured on the tour are many artists from the Midwest area. Doe and Ray Ray, the Upset headliners of the tour represent Gloc 9 and Denver, CO. Doe however, is originally from Topeka, KS. Other artists representing Colorado include Nykeloc and Young Doe who are both featured on many Upset tracks. Kansas reps include such big names as Dope (aka D-Dot), D-Loak, Evil Loc, St. Nick and Young Dice. In addition, Dirty Work will be representing Kansas City, Missouri.

The 2006 Upset Records Midwest Tour will hit not only Topeka and Lawrence, but will be stopping in cities all throughout Kansas, including Manhattan and others. The tour will also hit Missouri cities such as Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis and more. Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Ft. Collins stops are also planned throughout Colorado. Along with every tour stop Upset Records will do in-store promotions at local record stores. CD signings, appearances, meet and greets with the artists and performances will be part of these in-store stops.


Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2005 - Republished with Permission

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