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February 5, 2006

Indie News Beat 1/30/06

January 31, 2006 Edition

* Australian Rock Band Sender Leave Sony/BMG
* Gr8pop Engages Marketing Director On A Mission
* Cynthia Basinet Featured Amongst The Collection Of Women In "1000 Peacewomen Across The Globe" Book
* Wade O. Brown's New Single, "Maybe" Captured In Sizzling Debut Video Release
* Philly Emcee/Producer Razes The Bar With 'The Call'
* Buckcherry To Release 'Fifteen' Spring 2006
* 'Hot 50 Productions' Has Managed To Move Units Without Air Play
* Blameshift Releases Powerful New CD Drop Down
* Moth Is First Release Of New Independent Record Label Hey Domingo!

Australian Rock Band Sender Leave Sony/BMG

Australian rock band Sender have parted ways with Sony/BMG Australia. Sender, now in their 10th year, started at the tender age of 13 under the name of Zenyth developed a reputation for themselves in regional Victoria attracted the attention of Sony Music Australia signing an international recording deal with in the label in Jan 2003 also changing their name in the process.

Their debut self-titled SENDER EP was released in May '04 gained maximum "across the board" national radio and TV airplay with sales of the EP reaching around 6,000. The band also completed over 70 gigs in 2004 supporting international acts such as Hoobastank, Switchfoot and Tenacious D and local acts Killing Heidi and The Screaming Jets. During 2005 the band demo'd 20 tracks for Sony and after much discussion asked to released from their contract, which Sony agreed to.

The band are now free to produce and record their debut album themselves and look forward to another 10 years of Sender.


Gr8pop Engages Marketing Director On A Mission
Former Warner Director Phil Knox-Roberts Loads Guns For Gr8pop

Music marketing guru Phil Knox-Roberts will take the reigns of newly formed Scottish label Gr8pop, the board of directors voted unanimously Monday morning. The Scottish label recently signed a million pound deal for artist/composer Indiana Gregg's debut album "Something like me" in August, 2005.

Knox-Roberts will head 10-strong team of A-list PR, radio and TV pluggers through the musical trenches gearing up for the late February release of "Something like me".

"I'm very excited to drive this new challenge forward with Gr8pop," says Knox-Roberts, "they have surpassed all my expectations on many levels so far."

Knox-Roberts is in no way a newcomer to this business of Music. The former Warner's Director of Marketing has been responsible for the likes of Madonna, REM, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Eric Clapton, Prince, Neil Young and Chris Isaak to name a few.

Gr8pop's first artist, Indiana Gregg, currently wooing audiences on her Coffee House Tour of the UK, has drawn an enormous amount of attention from the public in recent weeks.

"The quality of album and quality of artist is what you will come to expect from Gr8pop in the future," says Knox-Roberts, "Be assured, we're on a mission."


Actress, Recording Artist, Cynthia Basinet Featured Amongst The Collection Of Women In "1000 Peacewomen Across The Globe" Book

Actress and recording artist, Cynthia Basinet (aka c. basinet) featured amongst the collection of women in "1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe" book, now available thru Amazon.

Book excerpt:
Actress, model, and singer Cynthia Basinet understood the power of the internet to connect people when the medium rocketed her song "Santa Baby" around the world. The empowerment and self-determination she experienced prompted her to seek new connections in new ways. In May 2001 she sang for a different audience­refugees living in the western Sahara desert. More than 80 per cent women and children, 200,000 refugees are struggling to survive in the southwest corner of Algeria. Their refusal to return home and their fight for self-determination captured the attention of Cynthia Basinet.

Book description:
The book introduces the 1000 women who were carefully chosen to represent the millions doing similar work around the world. These 1000 women were part of the "1000 Peace Women for the Nobel Peace Prize". Each one is presented on a double page, with a short biography and most of the women with a portrait photograph. Both, images and texts, were compiled by local journalists and authors, as well as by academics and members of organizations. The biographies give insight into the life and work of each of the 1000 women. They also reflect the cultural differences involved in evaluating personal data and build a colorful patchwork of different styles and types of biographies. The book is produced by Swiss publisher Kontrast and published internationally by Scalo.

Millions of women are engaged daily in working towards a better future. Without regard for their own safety, they are active on behalf of the community's well-being. They call for reconciliation, demand justice, and rebuild what has been destroyed. They work on the front in crisis and war regions as well as in the background all over the world. The project and book 1000 PeaceWomen Across the Globe have the goal to draw the world's attention to these women and their thus far nearly invisible, but highly important work.


Wade O. Brown's New Single, "Maybe" Captured In Sizzling Debut Video Release

Singer/songwriter Wade O. Brown, who has been one of the most added artists at the Urban Adult Contemporary radio format the past few weeks is unleashing his debut US video for his new hot single, "Maybe," taken from his torrid collection of love-making songs, "All Night, All Love," which has received critical-acclaim and increasing fan support since its retail release.

The video to "Maybe," was shot and directed by noted Canadian director Michael P. Douglas, who has received numerous Much Music Video Nominations and Awards for his cutting-edge videos. Over the past five years, Douglas has shot and directed an eclectic range of artists including Choclair, Ray Robinson, BrassMunk, Al-Beeno and IRS Jelleestone to name a few.

Brown and Douglas teamed up in Toronto to shoot the video to "Maybe." The video showcases Brown's exceptional performances skills, and follows the lyrical storyline of a man who thinks he's met his ideal dream lady and hopes he gets a chance to prove it. Wade portrays a struggling recording artist in the video that meets a beautiful young photographer in his building after she's broken off her relationship with a former boyfriend. The two strike up a friendship, and ultimately find out that "Maybe," they were meant to be together.

Since the release of "All Night, All Love," Brown has been busy performing and promoting his new CD throughout the country. He recently completed a mini-tour of eight top clubs in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and capped the tour with a performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. with veteran soul diva Alyson Williams. Earlier this year he performed at the opening night reception at the Radio & Records Magazine annual radio industry convention, which was held at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and was also a featured performer at the annual Urban Network Magazine Independent Label Showcase presented during their annual convention in Palm Springs.


Philly Emcee/Producer Razes The Bar With 'The Call'

Whereas "Fundamentals" is fun and lighthearted, "The Call" is a heartfelt, sentimental and serious journey into the soul of the man born Raheem Jarbo 28 years ago.

"I usually have a lot of fun making records, but this one was really painful," says Random of his newest project. "You can ask Mel (DN3, RAHM Nation producer and engineer, who co-executive produced "The Call"). I would just come in and get down to business, no jokes at all. I really put a lot of high expectations on myself and this record." I said a lot of things I've never said before behind the mic, and wanted to show people another side of me."

Random had lots of help on the album, insisting that no matter how personal the project was, he knew he would not be able to handle the bulk of the responsibilities on his own. "It feels so good to have people that support what you do in your corner, and willing to take such a role in your project," Ran says. "So many tight emcees and producers stepped up and laced me, it's a blessing."

The Call's guest list includes artists and producers from all over the world. Stellar beats and rhymes from Random and label mates DN3, Ohene and Problem Child, as well as outside production by some of Hip-Hop's most diverse beatsmiths, including 9th Wonder (Jay-Z, Destiny's Child), Mike Lowe (O.C., CL Smooth, Xzibit), and 2Faced Beats from the UK. The first single, "Raze The Bar," produced by Samik (Lloyd Banks), is garnering high praise from reviewers. Other featured artists include Wordsworth and Majesty of New York, New Jersey revolutionary Hasan Salaam, Detroit's Nadir, as well as fellow Illadel natives Reef the Lost Cauze and Hezekiah. The result is an album that demands to be listened to. On the album he touches on several social issues, and all the while provides a solid combination of wise insight and sharp, thought provoking lyricism.


Buckcherry To Release 'Fifteen' Spring 2006

For their new album Buckcherry--comprised of founding vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson, as well as newcomers Xavier Muriel (drums), Steve D. (guitars) and Jimmy Ashhurst (bass)--excitingly build on their trademark sound which was described early on by Entertainment Weekly as follows: "Coming on like the Black Crowes by way of AC/DC, this L.A. based band is at its best blasting its way through hard-hitting riff rockers."

After touring Japan with Mötley Crüe in November, Buckcherry--the Los Angeles hard-edged, bluesy-rock band--has announced a month long-residency throughout the Los Angeles metro area. The month-long tour will culminate in a New Year's Eve Viper Room show for which the Sunset strip landmark has been specially painted in honor of their New Year's Eve performance.

In other news, the band recently shot a video for their preview track "Crazy Bitch" at the Key Club with director Ulf Buddensieck (Chevelle, Switchfoot, Bush).


'Hot 50 Productions' Has Managed To Move Units Without Air Play

'Respect It Cause You Ain't Gon Check It' is the Title of the future multi-platinum 1st Album release of Hot 50 Productions now being distributed through: Tower Records, Apple iTunes, music net, Rhapsody, MP3Tunes, MSN Music, Napster, Sony Connect, Best Buy, CD BABY; and several other digital distributors.

The main seasoned artist: Tone Rebel, and Ill-Pop were on Nelly's first Album release Tour. Tone Rebel released an independent album in 1994 titled "Holy War," which received spins in London and over 10,000 scans locally.

Tone Rebel has opened shows for the likes of: 50cent, Nelly, Roots, common, 8-Ball and MJG. Tone Rebel is by trade, a multi-talented producer, who has worked with the likes of Derrty ENT, Family, Sucka Free Records, Rap-a-Lot Records, B.G., Mc Eiht, J-Kwon, crooked I, Esco Music Group.

Ill-Pop is a lyrical beast who truly represents the streets of St. Louis, (he would put you in mind of 2pac and Bob Marley rolled into one). Ill-Pop has worked with Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boys, Track Boys, Knocturnal as well opened shows for: 50Cent, Nelly, Lil' Scrappy & Trillville. Ill-Pop has a diverse array of musical influences, like 2Pac, Bob Marley, Dr. Dre, E-40, Jay-Z, Nas, Nelly, Run DMC, Biggie Smalls.


Blameshift Releases Powerful New CD Drop Down

Blameshift is rapidly becoming a major force in independent music on the heels of their successful metal-punk-rock album Drop Down.

Blameshift is a five-piece band with original male/female dual vocals and a sound that takes a foundation of early metal-hardcore-punk injected with hyperactively charged modern rock.

This is definitely not music for the faint of heart; it snarls, spits, then scratches and claws its way into your soul. Tim Barbour and Jenny Mann supply the animated vocals, playing off each other like a possessed rock Œn' roll tag team on steroids. The chunky heavy-duty guitar riffs of Dan Leto drive the foundation of this musical juggernaut and a powerhouse rhythm section held down by Dave Kaplan (bass) and James Miller (drums) provide the fuel that sets it all in motion.

With energy to spare, a tandem vocal team with a powerful presence, and music that will not quit, Blameshift provides a killer musical experience tailor made for blowing your speakers and making your heart race every step of the way. Are you looking for an exciting and memorable experience that only an independent band can provide? This band will set you straight.

Blameshift is currently ranked as a top ten best selling FYE local artist. A Southeast Winter Tour kicks off December 27th from NYC to Miami, FL. Drop Down is available through the F.Y.E. Localeyez program and in selected CD stores nationwide.


Cincinnati-Based Moth Is First Release Of New Independent Record Label Hey Domingo! From Music Industry Veteran Todd Sullivan

The Cincinnati-based band Moth will be the first release from Hey Domingo! a new independent record label founded by A&R veteran Todd Sullivan.

"Immune To Gravity" will be released nationally on March 26th, 2006 and distributed by High Wire Music and Fontana Distribution. Formerly of Geffen Records and Virgin Records, Sullivan scouted and signed commercial and critical darlings Weezer, Sloan, Ted Hawkins, Southern Culture on the Skids and more.

"I was fortunate to be able to sign artists such as Weezer, Sloan and Ted Hawkins to labels like Geffen Records and Virgin Records because I believed in their talent as well as their unique appeal to break through to a larger audience," said Todd Sullivan, founder of Hey Domingo! "Moth is a band I previously signed to Virgin Records because I loved their music and when I heard the demos for what eventually became their new CD "Immune To Gravity", I knew it was time put my money where my mouth was and start my own label. The record is absolutely fantastic. "

"Immune To Gravity" is Moth's fifth full-length release from founding member and Cincinnati native Brad Stenz,. Full of more hooks than a fisherman's tackle box, the eleven tracks on "Immune" lie somewhere neatly between Weezer, The Cars and XTC. Their major label debut on Virgin Records in 2002, "Provisions, Fiction and Gear," received extremely favorable press in Blender, Guitar World, CMJ, Rolling Stone and a television appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Live, Moth has shared the stage with bands such as The Offspring, Violent Femmes, Finch and more. In 2005, they won the live act of the year at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards and were the featured artist on Myspace.com in November. A video for the song "Revolution" directed by Paul Grundy will be serviced to television and online outlets as well.


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