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July 12, 2006

McAllen, Texas' Ennui Jolt signs with Rusted Nail Recordings

After a five year hiatus Rusted Nail Recordings has announced its nineteenth release – an EP from McAllen, Texas' Ennui Jolt. Rusted Nail Recordings has, since 1996, operated completely underneath the radar in South Texas, independently releasing albums from some of the regions most memorable groups and supporting the youth community at large. Now with a decade under its belt Ennui Jolt becomes the twelfth band on the roster and the third band from the Rio Grande Valley on the label.

Contrasting the punk and hardcore roots of Rusted Nail, Ennui Jolt is a sharp and welcomed contrast in sound and style which has already caused quite a bit of noise down in “del Valle's” scene. The boys (literally, some of them are still in high school) have a sound that stands completely on its own combining regional elements with dance influences and heavy melodic vocals that recall Mission of Burma, Q and Not U, and The Dismemberment Plan.

Production is scheduled to begin in August with a release date slated for late winter 2006 on both vinyl and CD formats. Ennui Jolt is already supporting their current release with dates all through July around the state. Find them at these selected dates:

July 13th Denton @ Andy's Bar
122 N Locust St # B, Denton, 76201 - (940) 565-5400
July 14th Houston @ Super Happy Funland
2610 Ashland Street @ W27th Street in the Heights) Houston, 77008 (713)880-2100
July 19th Oklahoma City, OK @ The Zoo Amphitheater
2101 NE 50th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73111
July 21st Austin @ Red Eye Fly
715 Red River St, Austin, 78701 - (512) 474-1084
July 22nd Denton @ Spencer's Casa (House Destruction Party)
410 A Ponder St, Denton, 76201
July 25th DFW @ Fat Daddy's Sound Shack
201 S Mill St, Lewisville, 75057 - (469) 549-1795

Find them at http://www.ennuijolt.com or http://www.myspace.com/ennuijolt

Posted by emomixtape at July 12, 2006 5:14 PM
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